Patient Care

Dr. Goldberg is a pediatric neurologist and neurogeneticist in the Neurogenetics Clinic in the Division of Neurology at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. He specializes in the evaluation and management of patients with presumptive genetic epilepsy, developmental delay/intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, and brain malformation. Learn more …

To schedule an appointment for an evaluation, call the Division of Neurology office at: 215-590-1719.

The Epilepsy Neurogenetics Initiative (ENGIN) at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) integrates genetic testing into the diagnosis and treatment of children with difficult-to-treat or unexplained epilepsies, and provides access to expert care for children with genetic epilepsy syndromes and other genetic neurodevelopmental disorders. We combine cutting-edge clinical care and advanced genetic testing with innovative research to identify the genetic variants causing a child’s epilepsy and develop an individualized approach to treatment and management.